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The New Hampshire Towing Association proudly announces that it will be providing TowPartners membership to its members. The NHTA is an association of business people seeking to constantly upgrade the conditions and the image of the towing industry. As the leading provider of benefits to towers, TowPartners is uniquely positioned to save its members on regular purchasing. The New Hampshire Towing Association has chosen TowPartners because TowPartners has a significant book of benefits for its members and can provide quality discount programs to its members today and in the future.

The TowPartners benefits today include discount programs with well known vendors such as Dell, Sprint/Nextel, Aramark, Mantek and more. You can find more information about these benefits at towPartners.

For those NHTA members not already members of TowPartners, you have now been setup as a member of towPartners and will soon receive your membership card as well as other materials about the program. Please fill out the enclosed member profile update and return to complete your membership record.

You may begin using the TowPartners discount programs immediately. With the incredible strength of the TowPartners Sprint/Nextel discount program, we would encourage you to add these discounts to any of your existing accounts immediately. This program alone will save you 11% on your monthly bills and the discounts from our other Supplier Partners will be equally beneficial to your operations. To begin your Sprint/Nextel discounts or to simply update your membership profile, please fill out the enclosed form and fax to 214-988-1071. The Sprint/Nextel discounts will begin to appear on your next full billing cycle as an Enterprise Discount.

For some current discount programs from TowPartners, Click Here